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Nowadays, marketing strategy is going progressive especially in digital and online platform. The use of website and blog are popular to earn more benefit especially commercial occasion. At first, people spent much time to perform marketing and branding to their product. However, their effort has no strategy and tips to boost profits. They tend to produce more content without placing their promotion activity properly. Indeed, it is not a wrong method. Yet, in the end, people will realize that their effort is overwhelmed compared to the result of how many people receive the information or how many potential clients to use products and services.

As we know, we need to work in smart way, not in hard way. The use of online platform such as website and blog are not that simple. Web masters realize that there’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique to perform. SEO technique will improve website and blog to have better ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) measurement. Again, it needs effort to make visibility of your website and blog improved in matter of search engine.

In marketing business, we are forced to apply effective strategy to not only earn more benefit but also reduce cost in its application. In digital marketing, some of us are familiar with content placement. The popular platform of website and blog affect the concept of marketing to reach larger scale with no time and distance boundary. It’s non-stop promotion.

The use of content placement is in high demand. Content means the product of creativity and work. In short, content placement is defined as management business to place product and service in right place. In digital marketing, content placement is an activity to manage your website or blog to put content in beneficial place. This occasion takes two sides to work together. Providing place for potential content which form symbiosis mutualism. In Indonesia, we have some online platforms to provide such service. To understand more related with content placement along with its strategies, they are explained as below:

Guest Posting Indonesia

Guest posting is an opportunity for content’s creator to write and publish their work through another website. It’s called ‘guest’ since the visitor/guest of particular website can participate to write their best content there. Normally, people are encouraged to produce guest post since it is one of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Obviously, it helps people to introduce their brand, profile, product or service through another website.

Indeed the website provider has to be popular with high authority domain. It’s supposed to be popular in web ranking and SERP (Search Engine Page Result). Commonly, there are two types of opportunity provided by popular guest post website. It’s paid guest post and free guest post. In addition, the contents need to follow rules and regulation of the provider. Besides, as a guest and author of your content, you need to pay more attention to your work. It has to be amazing and qualified content to attract reader and potential client.

In Indonesia, there are many websites that offer guest post to any purpose. To start using guest post wisely, you need to understand the benefit of participating in guest posting. In short, these are main benefit of using guest post for your own sake:

  • Your brand, product, profile or service can reach larger scale of reader
  • Earning powerful backlink from contents published in another’s website
  • Sharpening your writing, promotion and branding skill
  • Enlarging your connection and network to open wider opportunity
  • Increasing web traffic of your website
  • Earning higher chance to increase visibility of your page to show in search engine

Sponsored Post Indonesia

People need help to be success and developed. In case of marketing, it’s common to use third party to open easier way in attracting potential clients. Starting your business is hard game to play. It requires much effort to reach and attract customer. Therefore, people tend to use paid way to make marketing process a quick success.

Sponsored post is an activity of promoting certain product performed by another party. Mostly, it’s website or blog to put their review of certain product so that reader gets to know the product and gets interested in them. In Indonesia, some popular bloggers open potential partnership to talk and review your product. It’s called sponsored post which is beneficial for both of parties. Blogger will set a price to review your product/brand through their website. The website has to be popular to reach more potential customer to read. There will be link of your website in the process of reviewing your product. The link navigates people to visit your website and get to know better about your product. Afterwards, visitors become potential customer in the future.

In Indonesia, sponsored post has been common way to perform advertising. Either it’s implicit or explicit; advertising is main concern for people to go commercials. You can build partnership with popular bloggers and website or you can involve influencer to put your product as review. These two methods provide great chance to go commercial in better and fast result.

Content Placement Service Indonesia

As explained before, guest post and sponsored post are efficient to boost you brand to be widely-known. Through content placement, the weight of marketing strategy is lifted. For some content placement service, they can represent your strategy to grow your online business platform. The service forges smooth way to reach more potential customers from most popular websites in internet. They are capable of publishing your content to larger audience connected all over the world. They are also capable of perform accurate way to promote your brand by involving powerful influencer.

Some of content placement service providers will also help you to optimize your content or product. By doing so, your content placement is accurate. Either your content or product will be friendly SEO (Search engine Optimization). The proper SEO technique will enhance your web traffic, Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Not to forget, your brand becomes familiar to internet’s audiences and search engine. In overall, you grab promising prospect in business platform.

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